Cleaning out my closet

Sometimes, after a chapter of your life has ended.. its time to clean. You need to take the time to heal right after, but soon you need to start cleaning and moving on with your life. If your ex really wanted you, they would fight for you.. but they dont, so its time to clean out all the bullshit. Its time to really improve yourself, and find out what attracts you, and go after it. With that being said, you feel like you are so in love with that your ex that you will never find someone as good as them, but after you let that negative thought leave, you realize that there are so many more people out there, and who will be attracted to you. Some of them may not be as good as the past ex, and some of them will be better.. The main thing is you cant compare the two, or you are just setting yourself up for a bad time.

The past 2 nights I have been hanging out with this amazing gorgeous girl who is so into fitness (more than me) and really seems like she is a great girl. I love making her laugh, and she is so cute. When im with her, I feel happy again, I feel that crush again, I feel those butterflies when we flirt, or are touching eachother. It is truly an amazing feeling to have again. For this girl though, I need to take a step back and take it slow, since we are both out of long term relationships. Not invest too much feelings into her, and just see where it goes. But right now I am so happy with her, and it feels great to be able to share something great. Plus she kicks my ass in the gym which I love. Until things get serious (if they do) I will continue to focus on working on myself, school, and the gym.

Be better than you were yesterday



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