Today was a typical Monday for me, waking up at 5am to be able to make brekkie, and wake up before I had my regular client at 6am. Went to lecture, finished up some homework, still staring at a stack of work that needs to get done, but I thought before I get back into it I will write my daily blog. Today’s blog is about work.

Welcome to the Grind

For me I have occasionally tried to cut corners, or take the easy way out of things, and have never succeeded in doing so. So from an early age I have always tried to wrap my head around being a perfectionist. Trying to be the best in whatever I may be doing, whether it is a class and trying to set the curve, or if it is some sort of competition. I hate losing. I am a very competitive person when I am engulfed in something. One thing I have been learning is this is a great set of skills to have. Yet, each day I am learning new life lessons, and learning that I need to apply this mindset to everything. To all aspects of my life. Not necessarily a competition type mentality, but more of perfectionist type mentality. Whatever the task at hand may be, work hard and do it hard. This can be as simple as doing homework, to even doing the dishes. Every single action that you put out, needs to be your best. There is not enough time in the day to sit around and be lazy. Hard work gets you results, so instead of sitting around and complaining about this or that, just go out and put all your effort into doing that task. Work hard in the gym, make every rep count. Work hard in the classroom, be prompt and participate in the lecture. Work hard on yourself, take the time to dress nice, brush your teeth, wash your face. I feel like it is so easy to become lazy that people skip out on these minuscule tasks, yet develop a lazy mindset. Work hard on your relationships, just work. It is such a rewarding feeling to know that you put your entire effort into a task, and it looks fucking good. You are proud of it, and it motivates you to want to work harder. I have such a busy schedule this week, yet with planning, and organization I KNOW I will be able to take on each of these tasks to the top of my ability.

I want to leave this blog with a definition of a word that I have taped to my doorframe that I tap every time I leave my apartment,


a. To crush, pulverize, or reduce to powder by friction, especially by rubbing between two hard surfaces: grind wheat into flour.
b. To shape, sharpen, or refine with friction: grind a lens.
It takes HARD work, but keep grinding and good things will happen.

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