If you truly love someone you should want them to be happy. And if that means that she is happy with another man, or not in a relationship with you, you should respect that, and you should love her still.

I will only allow the positive thing. In my mind, I will only think about them in the way I loved them. I define them by their potential. What they meant to me at our best. Its hard, but its human nature to need someone in their life.

You may be in pain, but you are the reason you are in pain. This kind of thought prison is beautiful, because you have the key to get out of it.

You have to accept that the person doesnt want to be with you, and if you truly love them, then you need to truly want her to be happy, even if that she means she wants to fuck someone else

but we are so selfish, it is so hard, but he/she is a human being, and you need to truly want the best for them.


If there is no connection, than it will never work.



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