370 days of being in love.



Ashley ended our relationship again this morning. I could see the pain that she had in her heart and her eyes. I could see how bad I fucked up this weekend, hearing everything that happened made me feel miserable. I am still waiting to wake up from this nightmare of a dream. I can’t believe its over. She was literally one of the greatest things to have ever happened to me. She helped me grow so much, and help develop a deeper type of maturity. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her, or listening to songs that remind me of her. She is such a truly amazing girl, that I was lucky enough to have her for so long. Even an hour with that girl and you would fall in love. She has imperfections, as does everyone.. but she was so perfect in my eyes. Her real personality is amazing. She is such a driven individual it helped add fire to my drive. Her body was amazing, hands down one of the best body’s I was able to put my hands on. Her gorgeous straight white teeth, I would always make fun of them, but they were so cute. Her beautiful blue eyes. I could stare into those eyes for hours. Her beautiful long blonde hair. God i wish I complemented her. I should’ve been bringing her up, instead of trying to take her down. If I could do our relationship differently I would in a heart beat. I am in a very mushy state of mind right now, and should probably stop blogging, but currently listening to ed sheern “give me love” which forever will always be her song. I will probably be hurting worse as the week goes on, but if you are reading this ashley, I love you. “Dont be sad that its over, but smile because it happened.”


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